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 Well lets try this again accidentally closed the tab while writing this. almost had it done too.. x<

 Well this is a way to help you figure out your fave pokemon by keeping things even and balance.  A list of 36 pokemon.  with each list consisting of 6 pokemon from each of the 6 gens.   I'll also be sharing my lists as well.

 Here's how. First. You choose your fave pokemon from each gen. BUT! You can only choose within that gen for each list ofcourse, and only one pokemon per evolution line. So you can't choose squirtle and blastoise.  only one of them since they are kinda the same things. Atleast within their own evolve lines.  and Mega evolutions do not count okay? Those are just temporary things. if it's gender matters to you then okay, if not then okay. but if it does just state the gender if it has one. and if it's shiny that's fine if it is, just state that it's shiny. dun matter how many you want shiny either. And if the evolution lines are in other generations then that's not a loophole :I   You can still only choose ONE evolution form from one evolution line. So If you like weavile and sneasle then you choose which you like more, because you cannot choose both even if they are in separate gens. same goes for ALL EEVEE'S  got it? So to keep eeveelutions down you can only choose one to it's respective gen. :3
 Next. You need to know how to list them only ONE starter per gen list on these six lists anyway.  so one evolution form from one starter is allowed. and only one legendary as well,make sure to state a specific form other than mega evolves if you prefer one of their alternate forms. So the list may looks something like this.  Gen *no.*  1.--starter-- 2.--other-- 3.--other-- 4.--other-- 5.--other-- 6.--legendary--   ect. for each list.
 After that you make one final list after you have made all six lists,  this list you can only choose one pokemon from each gen, BUT on the SEVENTH list you can choose ANY of them from the other six lists.  This is your accumulative list, keeping the gen's balanced and giving love to each of them.  so if it's six starter or six legendary then that's fine xD  Just make sure it's only from your list and only one pokemon from each list. But to figure out your absolute fave from your final seventh list? I can't help you on that one. x3 Because out of those collective pokemon on your seventh list, only you know which is your fave.

 And then. If you still have trouble choosing between certain pokemon then here's some things that may help. Their looks, which looks cooler, and or cuter. Which has your fave type, and which has the type advantage over the other (if there is a type advantage) and if those don't work, which has statistical advantage, but to help you could if you wanted quickly look up their descriptions  and read over them to see which description you like best. if one has more things that are to its advantage than the other,then you have an answer between which you should probably choose.  but if you still can't decide and maybe they tied still then just say F**K it and choose one, because if you don't wan to give a spot up on one of the lists and you can't decide then it doesn't really matter then x3 so just choose if you can't break the tie. EVEN AFTER MY HELP.

 Finally, This way of choosing and listing was just a way I wanted to help people choose, ofcourse  some may think it's dumb or flawed but you know it's a way to keep things balanced and give love to every gen. :3 which to me if you really like pokemon then you'll understand that each has it's own feel and style, and unique quality.  Although I do love some gen's more than others.

 So it's time for my list. THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE EASY... It's still not easy to choose but me personally, using this method of choosing for me it helps enough. And I think it will become more difficult with certain gens.   Here we go.
 Generation one Kanto list.
1. Riachu(male). Pichu doesn't count alright? It wasn't a part of pikachus evolve line until gen two. and pikachu is WAAAAY over rated.  I just like Raichu more and always have. to me Raichu is the best starter in gen one.  Strong cute, great type.

2.Shiny Arbok.  Giant snake, simple, great Team rocket memories from when I was like 6 from the anime, lol. It can hypnotize you, poison you, bite you, coil and crush you, eat you whole dead or alive.  I luv eet.

3.Arcanine(male). Okay Fluffy as FUUUUUQ  fire type, BIG ENOUGH FOR EVEN ME TO RIDE. xD  and FLUFFY. and omg ADORABLY FLOOFY! >x3  I blame you Omi >.>

4.Haunter. Because yeah, can't not choose this one.

5.Dragonite. I love dragons, and this one was a nostalgic classic fave for me. ^^

6.Articuno. Because EVERY FUCKING PERSON INCLUDING ME LOVE MEWTWO. But a bit over rated for me. besides I really do like Articuno even if it is the weakest of the legendary pokemon from gen 1.

 Generation two Johto list.
1. Shiny Typhlosion (male) OMG SO FREAKIN SCARY AND CUDDLY TOO. For a pokemon at least. I mean come one he looks just down right vicious and dangerous!

2.Umbreon. I love almost all the eeveelutions equally, but umbreon is just so awesome ofcourse. hehe, this is my eevee choice. can you blame me?! ERRMAIGERRRD!

3.Stellix. Holy crap, this guy is also kinda scary for a pokemon. I love this one And he's freakin tough. MADE OF COMPRESSED MINERALS AND METALS.

4.Shiny Scizor (male). I like this form best. He look pretty cool, and effective. Plus it reminds me of certain space pirates from a certain game.. >w< I luv Metroid..

5.Smeargle. After seeing :iconthewardenx3: Do a pic I ended up falling in love with this little guy xD Plus you know..Artzy!

6.Lugia. I mean come on.  Pokemon 2000 anyone? xD I over watched that movie when I was little.

 Generation three Hoenn list.  (Its getting hard to choose. TT^TT )
1.Blaziken. Fire fighting type, taller than me, was a bad-ass every time I seen him.  My Chinese Horoscope is a rooster. Sooooo. Yes.

2.Sableye. Good lord this guy is awesome.  Dark AND Ghost? What's not to love. Besides look at that design, I loves it!

3.Shiny Manectric (male)  >w< also awesome. I always chose this one when playing Ruby.

4.Absol. I used to hate this one. But it grew on me surprisingly well. I don't care for it's mega evolution but since those don't count anyway. :3

5.Metagross. I took a few different tests to see which pokemon type I would be and it always stuck me with either steel something or psychic something or both together. so that along with the fact I have ALWAYS LOVED THIS ONE. xD  He's HARDCORE.

6.Deoxys. This to me was like..Better than Mewtwo. ALL his alternate forms, and abilities. He's like the Mewtwo of a different world or dimension. I love his design too.

 Generation four Sinnoh list.. ( =_=;  Lets get this over with.. )
1.Infernape(male). because.

2.Luxray. Because awesome, and intimidating.

3.Lucario. Because you don't need to know details~

4.Weavile. Because aweshume..and that thing above too.

5.Shiny Gallade. Because awesome.

6.Giratina.BECAUSE AWESOME..    Generation four..Only comprised of completely retarded pokemon and the rare occassional awesome ones. The majority of them I hate, and the few I like lots and lots of other people like too. YOU KNOW GEN 4 KIND SUCK WITH THEIR MAJORITY OF SHITTY POKEMON.. But it's okay since there are so many sex toys. I mean awesome pokemon  to..sorta balance it out? sorta?

 Generation five Unova list... (This is where it gets hard for me..)
1.Dewott. I can't stand the other forms, and the pig thing? Hell no. And snivy and all if it's forms is way over rated too.

2.Shiny Liepard. Omg I loved this cat pokemon for this gen. Just..Ugh. Loved it.

3.Reuniclus.  Hehe, I really really liked this psychic too.

4.Litwick. So cute, and yet so dangerous. and slightly creepy. :3  Me~gusta.

5.Hydreigon. Fuck this one is awesome. Dark dragon? Awesome. type is cool Design is cool too. I like it but the TYPE.

6.Zekrom. Meh, honestly probably the most well designed legendary for gen 5 sadly. But this whole gen was a toughy for me to choose.

 Generation six Kalos list.
1.shiny Greninja(male). Man it was seriously hard to choose. But in the end the coolest design and stuff goes to this guy! Can't wait to use him in super smash brothers!

2.Talonflame. Name is a bit bleh but I kinda like this birdy from the sixth gen.

3.Aegislash. This one was difficult for me to choose between it's different evolutions. And Though I like it's shiny form I'll have to stick with it's normal form.

4.Trevenant. Kinda creepy, really strong by its descriptions,and its previous evolution is cute creepy but I had to go with this one.

5.Noivern. I loved this ones design too! Oh my goodness I just wanna hug it!

6.Yveltal. Yes I like this one best, I mean it just Suck the life out of stuff! it's just cool to me, and I love all the legendary designs of gen 6 just I like this one best! 

Accumulative Seventh list.  For all my faves from each. (May change over time <xD SO DIFFICULT TO CHOOOOSE!)
1.Raichu(male). THIS WAS A DIFFICULT DECISION..It will only get harder..

2.Shiny Scizor (male) Uugh.. It can suck to make choices sometimes. x3

3.Metagross. Such badassery!

4.Shiny Gallade. I honestly couldn't make a clear choice among those.

5.Reuniclus. Kinda couldn't make a clear choice either? But still in a way I really like this one.

6.Aegislash. Very difficult. But I love this evolution line so much! 

 And my 'choice' among these final six is what?.....(will most likely be an unstable decision <x3 heh..)

#1.  Metagross. The Badassery is overwhelming! Dx>     But This is my "offical" list and opinion. Just know that It was hard to choose even among the pokemon I didn't choose >^<''    It really was.  and to the ones I did choose..uuugh.. Least I was able to make a choice right? ^^'

Tell me what you think of this way to list your faves, and which your faves are. And heck tell me your opinion on the pokemon I chose. It isn't all crystal clear and absolute.  But best I could do, rules and structure can really help sometimes.


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