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 These have to be my favorite because REASONS..  Lol no really though, these are awesome, I'll explain a little why too. And NO LIGHT-SABERS.. That's Scifi ,not fantasy. Or Keyblades >_>  those aren't really swords anyway..  These will be taken from any anime game movie or show.And a limit to only two swords per franchise. :3  Lets get started.

Number 10.The Leviathan;From Blackbutler. A demon sword that can cause wounds that will NEVER heal. The sword wouldn't be able to be destroyed by any natural means at all. It's sheath is an actual demon too!   The swords power is absolute,once a wound is caused it will never heal, no power can reverse it. at least I don't believe so.It can kill demons for goodness sake! So you know it's strong.

Number 9.Mugetsu-Ryu;From Fairytail. This is a sword in the fashion of a nodachi and it uses my favorite form of magic!<3 Spacial.  It can cut in multiple place in different spaces at extreme speeds all at once. it destroyed Erzas absolute defense antamantium armor in a second. And when it's un-sheathed from it scabbard,lulz well it's deadly to say the least.

Number 8.Ragnarok;From Soul Eater.  And yet another living sword, but still, this one is literally living, like a mind and body sort of. Made of black blood this sword is crazy, literally!and kinda evil? More of a bully though that's just really hungry for souls. It can harden and vibrate on high levels, making super sonic sound, and this makes it more durable and more deadly. Any blood used  can harden and enhance  the physical ability of the wielder,and even use lost blood as a weapon as well. So dangerous and kinda twisted. like it was uncomfortably weird the first time I saw it.  But it was so cool! 

Number 7.The Samehada;From Naruto Shippuden.This sword at first was weird and boring, until it was put to some serious use later on. This is a BIG vicious living sword as well. But this one absorbs life force, or chakra in Naruto's world. it can eat HUGE amounts  of it extremely fast, and it shares what it eats with it's wielder, and only wants to be held by its wielder hurting anyone else who tries to hold it, making a bond. The sword and infuse itself with the wielder as well, and it grows some, showing more personality as it does. it's kind of a vicious cute too. x3 I like it.

Number 6.Soul Edge;From Soul Caliber. Look, the sword is powerful, and it's designs usually look awesome. It eats souls and become stronger. What more do you want out of a giant demonic sword!and it takes the for that would best suit the wielders heart. Now that's versatile.

Number 5.The Helix Blade;From Majora's Mask. True I've never been given the chance to use it, but  that sword looks BEAST, and it's the sword of god! A warrior god! That..kinda looks like Link.. o-  o;  huh. Oh well :3  DAT SWORD THOUGH. Ugh just so cool! D: Idk much about it though :c Just know I love it too!

Number 4.The Valentine;From Soul Caliber. The Sword that Ivy created and uses, is a living weapon created with dark ancient magics and science, in other words...ALCHEMY.  It's cool just because what it does and how she uses it.  >x3 She's awesome  because of it. I mean have you even SEEN all the moves she has?!  ER MAI GERD!I just love wacking opponents with that thing, oh your next to me? WACK! your behind me? WACK! Your across  on the other side of the arena? WACK WACK WACK!  Her moves are so creative and BRUTAL.  just LOVE IT.

Number 3.The Sword of Aeons;From Fable. The acient weapon that has always existed because it was never really made. Some say the Archon created it, but that's not true, the Archon only brought it through with his own power. The blade is said to be able to fell entire kingdoms, and even caused the beginning of the fall of the old kingdom. Even the being known as Jack of Blades used the sword and  almost achieved victory with it twice by using it for his own means in one way or another. but Usually it was just me who made Albion BURN. :3

Number 2. The Master Sword;From The Legend of Zelda game series. This is a piece of nostalgia that is still a part of my life today.  ^^ how Could I not love this blade which has been at my side for all my life? The blade of evils bane,the white sword, the magic sword, the sword of the goddesses champion. The sword that no one of darkness or evil hearts can ever touch, and it can destroy darkness as well.It has the power to alter time for goodness sake! Almost unbreakable the sword has killed demon kings, dark gods, and evil wizards of immense power and even sealed great evils away and held and entire kingdom in suspended time below and ocean! Freakin awesome ya know!

 Number 1.Sword of Truth;From, the Sword of Truth book series.  And awesome series with a sword that is a weapon and tool of unimaginable power.  This is my number one for VERY good reason. One is that you can't destroy it really. :3  Not that it is some kind of marrysue weapon, it's not believe me, but they way it was made was well.Intense, so the sword itself has many little qualities that make it something of piece of genius. It's edge is sharper than any normal sword could be, and it's power that it can give to the wielder and sometimes wield them instead.Not that it posses them, no no, it fills them with the power to fight and anger. There's so much more to go into but that's just something you would have to learn on your own after reading the books yourself :3  it's totally worth it.

 Hope you enjoyed my personal list of favorites! and I have to wonder what all of your favorites are. Remember I LOVE all of these, but I usually love one more than another for one reason or another. :3  it was difficult to make choices, either for ability or design ofcourse. or also the their history! 

Okay, with Dylan, which would you prefer in a situation of your choosing. Dominant? Or submissive? 

16 deviants said Submissive :iconblackheartplz:
9 deviants said Dominant :heart:

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I'm sure you hear this often enough or maybe even too often but I seriously just love your work. Everything you draw just has such an adorable aspect to it. I really love your drawing and I'm glad that you keep making them.
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Eh sometimes, not to often,  but thank you, and yeah I enjoy it.
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No problem. If I ever learn how to draw I'll show you a character of mine that u think you could really enjoy ;p
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